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Golf in St Lucia

We are located just a short ride from the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club, they have an extremely well maintained course that benefits from the fantastic weather that the island offers. Our on site concierge can arrange T off times and transfers for your group. Our guests also receive preferential green fees

St Lucia Jazz Festival

The St. Lucia Jazz Festival is one of the most renowned Jazz festivals in the world. Many are world renowned acts varying from formal performances to intimate late night open air and night club venues to open air, picnic style events.

Performers in 2012 featured Diana Ross, Toni Braxton, Joshua Redman and the Gypsy Kinds. Usually, Jazz fest takes place in the first week of May.

The main venue at Pigeon Island is a mere 7 minutes away. Contact us for more information about booking during Jazz week, as we often book quickly with celebrities and visiting dignitaries.

Scuba Diving in St Lucia

St Lucia boasts some fantastic Scuba Diving, and all within close proximity to the coastline of St Lucia. The advantage of being so close to these spots is that your transit time is always short.

Many people qualify for their PADI accreditation whist on the island, and we can recommend some of the best dive schools.

A couple of notable dives in St Lucia include the Piton Wall, and the cargo ship ‘Lesleen’ that was sunk specifically to be a fantastic wreck dive.

The Pitons Hike in St Lucia

The Pitons are the most iconic image of St Lucia that most people around the world will notice. They were formed millions of years ago when the plates below the sea bed created the Caribbean islands. They have now been designated a World Heritage Site, and they rise majestically 771m from sea level.

Nearby the Volcanic area of the Soufrière caldera offer the chance to visit the world’s only drive in Volcano, and you can bathe in the volcanic pools.

If you're in the mood for a challenge, you can hike the Pitons. This can be arranged by our staff with a recognized and knowledgeable local guide.

Boat Charters in St Lucia

Being an Island, the best way to explore the coastline is from the water. Our team has experienced almost all of the Boat Charters in St Lucia and we can advise you as to which would be the best charter for your group.

We have access to all types of Charters, from a 32ft Bowen powerboat, to a 43ft Sunseeker. Sailboats of all sizes are available with the option to sail yourself if you desire.

Pigeon Island Tours

Pigeon Island was connected to mainland St Lucia in 1972 by a man made causeway, allows visitors to explore this historical island that was once used as numerous forts throughout the ages, as the Island was fought over by the British and the Frence.

The St Lucia Jazz festival’s main events are also hosted on Pigeon Island.

Helicopter Tours from St Lucia’s Best Luxury Villa Rental

A fantastic way to see the island along with the coastline is to take a Helicopter of the Island. We can arrange for tours of the North, South or all of the Island, there really is no better way to see the island!
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